PhoneMaster 5 is an administration tool your Avaya
5.0 (See all)

PhoneMaster is an administration tool your Avaya (formerly Nortel) CS 1000 and Meridian PBXs which allows you to make programming changes on the PBX without needing to know anything about the complex command-line programming language of the PBX. With its vast range of easy-to-use features, PhoneMaster reduces the programming of the telephone system to simple point-and-click operations.

Programming telephones is easy with PhoneMaster. You can configure telephones in seconds with simple drag-and-drop and point-and-click operations. You can see at a glance how a telephone is configured without knowing anything about the programming language of the telephone system.

PhoneMaster enables you to configure groups of telephones and to make configuration changes to the group as if it were a single telephone. You can set up a group with hundreds, even thousands, of telephones in seconds and configure the telephone features of the group - the changes will be uploaded to each of the telephones in the group in turn.

All changes made to a telephone are saved in a history table. A previous configuration can be viewed by clicking on the relevant date from the Last Change listbox on the View/Modify Telephone window. The telephone can then be restored to that configuration by clicking the Save button.

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